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Encouraging Australian youth
to unleash their dreams.

The Australian Olympic Committee is the National Olympic Committee responsible for developing, promoting and protecting the Olympic Movement in Australia. Their strategic objective is to drive community engagement which has previously been achieved by operating a school’s program, QAS4Schools. Digilante was engaged to rebrand their Schools Program and to give it a fresh, dynamic, youthful appeal that could be rolled 
out in schools on a national level.

A flexible system.

Based on the insight of being your best self, the rebrand to “Olympics Unleashed” was designed to ignite the olympic spirit in all of us and to encourage today’s youth to unleash their dreams by creating awareness of Olympic sports. Schools were encouraged to sign-up to meet olympians in person and to hear their stories of commitment, passion and olympism. The dynamic design is based off the shapes of the southern cross and is ownable to the AOC brand.

New South Wales
Western Australia
Northern Territory
South Australia
Motion Graphics

Olympics Unleashed in QLD Schools

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