About us

Digilante was born over a beer (or three) back in 2013 at a pivotal time in the world of agency. With the rise of the mobile-first experience and social media starting to become a mainstream priority on corporate radars, the old world was fast disappearing and disruption was only just beginning.

Off the back of a successful working relationship, founding partners Kiel Van Daal and Eric O’Brien saw an opportunity to combine their respective skills in technology and creativity to build a new breed of agency that offered a different, more integrated solution in this rapidly changing landscape.

Success in the new economy is about being smart, acting fast and staying relevant. Our edge was (and still is) born of creating future-focused customer experiences in new and ever more engaging ways; and by helping our clients to navigate change through ideas, storytelling and technology.

We pride ourself on being the un-agency agency. That means, less ego and more collaboration; we act as an extension of our clients team, working with them to drive customer loyalty & growth.


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