Driving a high-performance brand to exciting new levels.



Services: Brand Design Environmental

Defining the line and exceeding it.

In a longstanding relationship with Subaru Australia we have seen the brand’s popularity rise from strength to strength in Australia. Striking design and outstanding engineering set Subaru apart with a level of excellence equal to any European manufacturer. So, when Subaru asked us to redefine their brand and corporate communications we were totally up for the challenge.


A sense of balance, a feeling of power.

Our design concept surfaces attributes that define every Subaru; Symmetrical All-Wheel- Drive, power, performance and safety. The ‘Drive-Line’ concept allowed us to get back to basics and focus on a simple, refined visual style that highlighted design and engineering detail alongside dynamic, graphic and typographic elements that convey balance, power and motion.


Driving the Subaru brand forward.

The application of the new Subaru Brand style was extensive and covered both corporate and customer communications. New systems were rolled out to Dealerships nationwide including all-new environmental, signage, P.O.S and dealer sales tools. Customer facing brand materials included the delivery of model brochures, direct marketing and Finance & Insurance comms.