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Kicking off a new era as Rugby AU

An exciting rebrand project at an important time for the former Australian Rugby Union, now Rugby AU. This rebrand has been developed based on key insights around participation drivers, category disruptors, cultural and generational change. We looked beyond the traditional norms of Rugby to create a brand that represents the game in a more inclusive, relevant and accessible way.


The Rugby AU Story

Rugby is more than just a game, it unites people. It’s about shared experiences and belonging. It's about being part of more. Rugby welcomes all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes - it’s for everyone. The logo represents you, Australia, Rugby's Union heritage and coming together. 


Qantas Wallabies & Buildcorp Wallaroos

The Qantas Wallabies and Buildcorp Wallaroos represent elite Australian XV Rugby on the world stage. The brand treatment uses triangle devices derived from the shape of 'XV' inspired by the forward motion and fast pace of the game. 


We worked with the Wallabies to create a series of TVCs to promote The Rugby Championships and Bledisloe Cup 2017.  The creative asked players and fans to unite for the big games against New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa.


AU 7s & Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s is a game of fast, furious fun. It's about encouraging participation from men and women, highlighting individual skills, and the freedom to move. The brand treatment uses sharp diagonals to compliment the idea of speed and agility in the game. At an elite level, we introduced AU 7s as the men and women's new national identity.


Foxtel Touch 7s

As Rugby's non-contact format, Foxtel Touch 7s is about fitness, having a go and learning new skills. The brand treatment is designed to be fun and friendly with the use of circles to represent inclusion and the 'touch' attribute of the game.


Indigenous Rugby

Rugby's commitment to reconciliation aligns with the core vision ‘to inspire all Australians to enjoy our great global game’. It is supported by the values: passion, integrity, discipline, respect, and teamwork. Rugby promotes healthy lifestyles and opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through their participation in the game.