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Part of More Brand Campaign

It doesn’t matter where we come from, where we live or what our interests are, Rugby provides a platform that allows people from all ages all walks of life to come together and share common experiences. From the grassroots club in the outback all the way to the Olympics Games, Rugby encompasses the spirit of inclusiveness, diversity, fun, respect and support.

It’s our aim to not only create content that delivers these key messages but to also create rich, warm, cinematic and highly emotive visuals that stand above the competition and engage audiences on all platforms.


Rugby Australia launched their “Part Of More” 2018 brand campaign pointing to a new era for the code with a goal of helping Rugby to become more relevant, inclusive and accessible to all Australians. The films will roll out across TV, digital and social, unveiling the new ‘faces of Rugby’ through a series of 9 powerful short form documentaries, and an overarching brand story which tap into the lives of people who come from different backgrounds but share a strong connection with the game.



The videos were shot on location around Australia, from Narromine to Launceston to the Northern Territory, shining a light on people in the Rugby community, exploring their stories of what rugby means to them and how it has played a major role in helping them achieve positive personal outcomes and a sense of belonging. The more well-known faces to share their stories include Wallabies Captain Michael Hooper, Wallabies Head Coach Michael Cheika and Australian Women’s Sevens player Charlotte Caslick who each open up about their journey to the top.