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Services: Strategy \ UX \ UI

A unique opportunity in an ever-changing industry.

It’s not every day we get to help define a product that will touch millions of Australians, but this was the opportunity presented to us from Indue. Initially we were engaged to help design the proprietary Indue online cards and payments platform. Following the success of that project, we designed the Coles Financial Services Prepaid cards products Indue were building, resulting in one of the most sophisticated cards platforms of its kind in Australia.


New experiences, existing conventions.

The UX work undertaken was extensive; from research and discovery to numerous iterations and releases, all within a fast moving, agile team environment. We partnered with Indue’s product and software development teams to define use-cases, craft user journeys, flows and detailed wireframes as well as learning from testing as we went. We also acted as UX, production and front-end consultants across the project.