An epic digital transformation project cross 9 different brands.



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Blink and you just might miss it.

With Blink, we had an opportunity to develop a youthful, mobile brand and digital platform that presented a fresh new alternative to the telco heavyweights. We leveraged the ‘always-on, always-connected’ brand message both on-line and in-store, to drive engagement and increase sales. Blink was the first of a series of new brand projects we undertook for FlexiGroup as part of a digital transformation of their full product range.


Your life, your way.

Let’s face it: equipment leasing isn’t all that glamorous or fun; and therein lay the challenge. The solution came in the form of re-positioning the FlexiRent and FlexiWay brands – already household names – as lifestyle enablers. When seen through this lens, and supported with bold, engaging content, we injected new life into a tired brand and took a few huge steps along the path of FlexiGroups digital transformation journey.


Different businesses, one common goal.

The digital transformation of FlexiGroup was a massive undertaking; evolving nine different brands and their digital footprint almost concurrently. The key for Digilante was to focus on the challenges at hand; and how we could deliver solutions that offered the business the most value. It was a real opportunity to flex our strategic and creative muscle on everything from how-to videos, brand development and UX, to social, retail and everything in between.