As the fastest growing union in Australia, the ANMF represent quality, affordable & accessible health care for all Australians.



Services: Digital \ Mobile \ Social \ Campaign

Keeping Australian healthcare fair.

The ANMF is run by nurses and midwives to advance the industrial, political and professional status of its members. They fight to keep Medicare free for all Australians, and protect the essential funding that keeps our healthcare fair. It has been a hugely rewarding experience for Digilante in supporting an organisation that does such important and worthwhile work.

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A new look. A clearer message.

Our first project with ANMF was to review and refresh their online brand to better reflect the modern, more future focused ethos of the organisation. Their website was reworked and rebuilt to be mobile ready, user friendly and much easier to post and share campaign stories.

Giving the community a voice.

After the new website went live, we sat down with the ANMF leadership team to plan and deliver tactical campaigns directed at Government. ‘Healthcare Emergency’ was a high profile, social campaign that integrated multiple channels to raise awareness of the impact recent budget cuts will have on Australian healthcare. We created a social aggregator platform that gave members a voice to eraise awareness of these bad government policies.